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MTF Biologics BRADAY 2017

MTF Biologics BRADAY 2017

Every October, the Milestone Team gets an opportunity to work with organizations for Breast Cancer Awareness. This year, we had the opportunity of bringing our booth to MTF Biologics BRA Day (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day).

Off the side of the main entrance, our Photo Booth stood proudly covered in pink boas for its BRA Debut. Throughout the event, we had all different people come to take their pictures. There were doctors, nurses, and office staff taking group shots. We also had patients, survivors, and caretakers jumping in for shots. We were even honored to have Joe Coyle, the Executive Director of the Edison Chamber of Commerce hop in for multiple pictures in the booth!

Everyone had a blast holding up our new breast cancer props, with signs like “Save the tatas” and “I kicked cancer’s butt!” Our pink boas, hats, and glasses helped capture the moments, making each picture unique and special.

Guests had the opportunity to use our iPad Social Media Sharing Stations to send their pictures to their emails and share online after the event. View those pictures below.

BRA DAY at MTF Biologics Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day in the Milestone Photo Booth

For background on MTF Biologics:

MTF Biologics is the largest tissue bank in the world, MTF Biologics is nonprofit and physician-led.

Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, MTF Biologics has spent more than 30 years honoring donated gifts by developing innovative, effective allograft solutions to help people heal. From orthopedics to wound care to plastic and reconstructive surgery, we have become a force in scientific progress and patient advocacy.

MTF Biologics at a Glance

MTF Biologics is a non-profit service organization dedicated to providing clinically sound, safe allograft tissue. We’re comprised of a national consortium of academic medical institutions, organ procurement organizations and tissue recovery organizations. MTF Biologics also has two subsidiaries, Statline and IIAM.

  • Our goal is simple—do what’s right for patients, surgeons, tissue donors and their families through our three guiding principles:
  • Make more safe tissue available to patients by building strong relationships with leading organ, eye and tissue recovery organizations.
  • Provide the highest quality tissue by having the most stringent standards in the industry.
  • Advance the science of tissue transplantation through our commitment to research and development.
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