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Milestone Photo Booth Rental NJ Featured Image Blog Post Eagle Oaks Country Club Farmingdale 2017

Lauren and Jon Freidman’s Wedding

The Wedding of Lauren and Jon Freidman

A rare day of warm weather washed over the town of Farmingdale for Lauren and Jon Freidman’s Wedding. The bridesmaids dressed in a beautiful shade of purple, and the bride in an amazing white gown. Jon was dressed to the nines in his wedding tux, and the day was set for the most important day of Lauren and Jon’s life. As the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour in the east wing room, Lauren and Jon posed for pictures with family and friends in preparation for their grand entrance. After that, Emcee Will announced in the wedding party, and got the room cheering as the new mister and misses entered. As they approached the dance floor, the room quieted down as they joined each other for their first official dance as husband and wife. Once their dance ended, Lauren’s father took his daughters hand and they danced together for their father daughter song. Finally, the groom guided his mother to the dance floor for a Mother Son dance right before leading into the wedding speeches.

The family and friends had much to say, 6 speeches each with their own unique details and wild stories. Laughing and hooting through all the most comical stories, and tearing up through the tender ones, the guests were in for a roller coaster of emotion from Lauren and Jon’s wedding.

Finally, after all was said and done, the Emcee announced to the room that our Milestone Photo Booth was officially open! The rush came, and it never stopped. Everyone young and old lined up to grab pictures in the photo booth. Our attendants made sure that every guest was signing the scrapbook for the bride and groom. It came out beautifully, filled with funny pictures and dozens of memories for Lauren and Jon to cherish forever.

Milestone Photo Booth Rentals at Lauren and Jon Freidman's wedding for the Bride and Groom at Eagle Oaks Country Club in Farmingdale, NJ
Groom (Jon) and Bride (Lauren)

Lauren and Jon celebrate at Eagle Oaks Country Club

Lauren and Jon invited their family and friends to the beautiful reception center at Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club. This Banquet Facility features amazing lighting throughout the halls and a large room in the east wing for a cocktail hour. The staff of the facility were organized and kept everything running smoothly from start to finish. The food was amazing and we had the opportunity to share and enjoy a meal with the other vendors at Lauren and Jon’s wedding. We definitely will be adding this venue to our list of top NJ banquet facilities and look forward to having another Milestone Photo Booth there soon!

Milestone Photo Booth at the Wedding of Lauren and Jon Freidman Classic Booth
Our Last Event with our Classic Photo Booth Enclosure (Retired)

The Wedding Crew for Lauren and Jon

The DJ and Emcee for Lauren and Jon’s Wedding was from This Is It Entertainment. Event Host and Master of Ceremonies, Emcee Will, pumped up the guests and got them clapping for the Bride and Groom’s main entrance. He guided the event with perfection as he led the room through the whole wedding reception. The DJ and This Is It Owner, DJ James rocked the dance floor on the ones and two, spinning the best tracks all night long! The combination of great music and out of this world atmospherice lighting show inspired the guests to never leave the dance floor. It was just as packed as our photo booth! A special thank you to the crew at This Is It for doing an incredible job at Lauren and Jon Freidman’s Wedding. You guys did a spectacular job and we hope to work side by side with you again in the future.

The photographer from VIP Video, Darren Leary captured unbelievable photos. He was there for every intimate moment, while his staff captured all the best candid shots. If you’re looking for a great photographer, especially in the South Jersey area, contact him at VIP Video.

Milestone Photo Booth Rental Photographer Darren from VIP Video NJ
The Photographers from VIP Video!

The Milestone dream team of Mikey and Shayn were at it again. Having been weeks since this duo worked together, it was a fun chance to hangout at a wedding with guests they knew from Grade School and High School. They had a blast helping the guests in and out of the booth, throwing out poses, handing out props, and making an amazing scrapbook for Lauren and Jon to keep forever. Once again, they proved that Milestone is all about making memories that will last forever!

Milestone Photo Booth Rentals Team Crew Shot of Mikey and Shayn at Lauren and Jon Wedding
Mikey and Shayn Wishing Lauren and Jon congratulations!

Congratulations Lauren and Jon!

It was a magical night for this beautiful bride and her beloved new husband. Thank you Lauren and Jon for choosing Team Milestone to provide a Photo Booth for your wedding. We had a great time with you and your guests. We wish you many beautiful years of love and happiness together!

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